Kyler Murray Baseball

Kyler Murray was drafter overall by the Oakland A's.

Kyler Murray College Baseball Stats

Kyler Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics after averaging .296, hitting 47 RBI's, and sluggng .556 in 2018.  Showing incredible athletic promise as an athlete with some pop in his bat, Kyler Murray is the prototypical 5-tool outfielder who has all of the athletic skills to be one of the best to have ever played the game.  After signing a $4.5 million signing bonus, Murray has reached legend status in the sports world.  He is getting paid while playing college football.

Kyler Murray Football

Kyler Murray has been described as a "video game" in real life.

Kyler Murray College Football Stats

Kyler Murray is getting his first chance to start for the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2018 season.  While just one week in, Murray started off the 2018 campaign impressively as he completed 9 of 11 passing attempts for 209 yards a 2 touchdowns.  The 301.4 rating in the first half earned him a second half of rest.  The world now watches Kyler Murray closely for what happens next!